[ New ]: My book on the semantics of questions from an interface perspective is in press now with a projected publication date of December 21, 2018. You may pre-order it now. For more info, click here.

[ New ]: I'm teaching a new course on Chinese semantics and philosophy of language in the Fall semester of 2018. Check out the tentative syllabus here.

[ Recent Activities ]: check out my paper on the formal diachronic semantics of -ne as a topic marker. Click here to download it.

I am a linguist with a specialization in semantics, with research focuses on the formal aspect of meaning. My research explores how languages differ in their surface forms but have common constraints at a deeper level. I have worked on the semantic properties of questions, focus, adjectives, and quantification.

For the past few years I have been exploring ways to combine formal semantics with historical linguistics in the new field called formal diachronic semantics. I have done research in the formal semantic analyses of grammaticalization paths of locative-to-aspect developments, and modes of lexical semantic change by using intensional logic.

You can visit my work page here.